November Newsletter

Happy November!

We need volunteers for our raffle event this coming Friday. Every student that fundraised $75 or more for the walk-a-thon will get to pick out a fun gift this Friday, November 5th.


PTO Meeting Minutes


November 2nd Election

November 2nd please get out and vote. On the ballot this year is a supplemental levy for our schools.



  • This is NOT additional funding – it is a renewal of an existing supplemental levy for the same dollar amount.
  • Our current levy expires this fiscal year, and this is a RENEWAL of the current $14 million supplemental levy.​
  • The current levy makes up 5% of our annual operating budget, helping to fund day-to-day costs.​
  • The supplemental levy proposes to continue the current level of local operating revenue.​
  • The levy passes with a simple majority (50% plus one).
  • The supplemental would be used to maintain the current number of school days and​ the current level of staffing.​
  • The supplemental levy proposes to continue the current level of local operating revenue.

What is at stake if not renewed:

  • Class sizes could go up.​
  • We could lose instructional programs.​
  • Teachers’ workdays might be cut.
  • rent level of local operating revenue.

Why do we ask for a levy every two years:

  • The State Constitution allows school districts to ask voters for a supplemental levy to provide additional funding for any operational cost. Most levies are capped at two years.​
  • ​Currently, most school districts in Idaho use supplemental levy revenue for these day-to-day costs like salaries and benefits.​
  • ​Voters approved a supplemental levy through the current fiscal year (2022) for the West Ada School District. If approved, the proposed levy would continue that funding for day-to-day costs through fiscal year 2024.

To find your polling place visit:


PTO Meeting, Oct. 13th


Dine Out at Chipotle!

Dine out at Chipotle on Saturday, October 16th, 4-8pm – 7610 W. State Street. Online orders use code HBQFA7L .